I have an application that uses the MappointControl for 2002. I am linking 3 queries from MsAccess 2002 as datasets. 1 set is for vehicles with up to date GPS data, 1 set is for trips that have Lon\Lat coordinates from an external data source for a specific county and the other set is for points that are plotted by address. I need to implement something that is just like DataSets.ZoomTo but excludes any number of points choosen by the user, and I accomplished this, but in order to do it I have to zoom twice. I did it with the SelectedArea.SelectArea Method but inorder to use this the area selected must be in the map window so I have to call DataSets.ZoomTo, then scan all the points to see if any are excluded/gather screen positions, then select an area and zoom with Location.GoTo. With 55 linked records in total the process takes about 4 seconds (I can live with that.) The problem is the DataSets.ZoomTo happens right away and the Location.GoTo happens 2-3 seconds later. Does anyone know a better way?