Hi all, it's my first time here. hope you will help and answer this question.

If i create an itinerary based on pushpins i created, then i select my itinerary and export it to excel, every pushpins infos are of course present in my excel sheet, but not in the correct order, the exportation doesn't care about my itinerary?

Is it then possible to force mappoint to export the data following my itinerary?

example :

itinerary starts in paris, pass through metz, then liège and my final destination is brussels.
when exporting, nothing follows the logic of the itinerary, so, you'll have liège, then paris, then brussels, then metz...

The logic would be : 1st : paris, 2nd : metz, 3th : liège, 4th : brussels? any way to get this the way i think it should be ?