I have read a few posts that I believe are similar to my question, but there doesn't seem to be an answer to it. I'll ask my question and see if it gets a response.
I have created territories by ZIP Code in Map Point. I need demographic and Consumer Spending data for this area.
In Map Info I would create the geography as I have in Map Point and then create a subset of demographic and/or consumer variables from a list of variables included with MapInfo and finally run the query and export all the results at one time to Excel for the area of interest.
Is this process possible in Map Point? I have only been able to export data one variable at a time to Excel and then only after selecting the ZIP Codes of interest by drawing a rectangle around my already created territories with the Selection Tool. When I do this I can export the data which at that point contains a lot of extraneous ZIP Codes along with the data.
The only way I can see to straighten out this exported data is to continue this horribly clunky process, take all the data into Access and straighten it out to include only the ZIP Codes of interest and then export this back into Excel and map this data.
My question then is: Is there an efficient method to export Demographic and Consumer Spending data from Map Point into Excel or Access? Is it possible to select only the territories I have laready created in Map Point and use the underlying ZIP Codes as the only areas for which to run data?

Thank you,
Doug Lowry