Ok, so I have looked and looked and still not found an easy answer but I can not believe this is not a simple clickable function in Mappoint. I have a set of multiple territories based on zip codes. After importing the list of zip codes into mappoint I get the map of the entire us with all my territories color coded. Now I need to know some demographic data based on my custom zip codes. This is not an easy circle or square but a cut up map based on zip code boundries. So my question is... Can't I use the data mapping wizard, use the drawing tool to make a square of the whole country, export the data (zip codes) to excell along with the demographic date (population) based on zip code? I did this and it gave me two sheets in excell, my custom territory data, just zip code, and united states, and state I think and then another sheet with all the zip codes and the population data. I don't want all the zip codes just the ones in my territory. Sorry for so long winded, just wanted to make sure I am clear. Thank you for whom ever can help!