FedEx didn't just update their locator this week, they launched an Enterprise Mashup allowing users to find dropoff locations in a 3 dimensional virtual world right in their web browser. Seriously, I'm not even sure what an Enterprise Mashup is, but I suspect its a web application from a company that trades actual goods and services for currency.* A quick web search for "Enterprise Mashup" revealed a company specializing in Enterprise Mashups since 2001 and another selling an 'Enterprise Mashup Server'

Back* to the topic at hand - FedEx has been a MapPoint customer for a number of years and recently updated their public facing drop box locator to use the VE map control. Details on Chris's VE dev blog. Click the image below to try it out. Well done with lots of powerful filtering options.


And because its the end of the week and you could all use a laugh, here' my favorite Fedex Kinkos ad that's been getting a lot of play during football this year:

"Car Office"

Have a great weekend!

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