I work on behalf of a vehicle logisitics company that use MapPoint 2002 to organise the directions of their car transporters in the UK.

They have added several pushpins to their map and have been using the system for over 3 months successfully.

However, from last week when you type a place or address in the route planner, and click Add To Route, the Find results display nothing in the Place/Data tab for any pushpins or major cities! Eg - Birmingham reveals no results and cannot find the city. But will find it if you use the Address tab (which is no good for finding pushpins).

I have restored their .ptm file from a week old backup and reinstalled the MapPoint software on both PCs and still get the same results. When I open their .ptm file from my PC, all is fine!

Does anyone have any ideas? A corrupt database perhaps? But how do you fix it?

Cheers, Mark.