I have a table of route segments - each having a startpoint and an endpoint.

I am trying to find a way of identifying the route segments whose startpoints are within a certain distance (this could be km, time, within a postal area, etc) of the endpoint of another route segment, in order to try to create a network or networks.

Not surprisingly, this needs to be fairly efficient, and I am NOT particularly interested in producing maps from this - rather I need to be able to flag the "linkable" segments back in the table.

Thoughts I have had include:
- Create pushpins for each start and endpoint and use the Nearby property
- Create postal territories and map into those
- Create drivetime areas for endpoints (but I can't see how to programatically use these once created)

Anyone have any ideas on this? Is what I am trying to do within the capabilities of Mappoint or am I wasting my time (I am new to Mappoint and don't want either to reinvent wheels or try to push a square peg...)?