Washington State is showing polling locations/drop boxes using Virtual Earth for Secretary Reed’s “My Vote” initiative. Apparently, this functionality has been available to the public for about two months.

You need to be a registered Washington State Voter to access the site at http://wei.secstate.wa.gov/WEI/OSOS/VoterVault/.* clip_image001

For those who are not, I am including screenshots below that show an example of a Spokane area map in this Virtual Earth solution.* Mouse-overs show the location name and address in the overview map.* The Ballot Dropbox shows a list and a map option, from which I selected the Spokane Valley Library.* All maps are dynamic and AJAX is used extensively.

Additionally, this functionality is available in County branding for counties using the solution.* For example, Spokane County residents can see a Spokane version branded for their county at http://wei.secstate.wa.gov/WEI/Spokane/Elections/VoterVault/ .* We have branding available for all 39 Counties and for the Secretary of State, totaling 40 brands!*



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