Code snippet (we already have a valid route returned…also if we use the CoffeeSample example we get results)
FindNearRouteSpecification findnearroutespec =
new FindNearRouteSpecification();
findnearroutespec.setFilter(new FindFilter());

findResults = findService.findNearRoute(findnearroutespec);

The start of the request:
sd="" xmlnssi="">NavTech.NA

Error message:
{}Message:The requested data source does not support the Find Near Route method. Argument: specification.DataSourceName

On Microsft's web site it says this about FindNearRoute:

DataSourceCapability Enumeration displays this information regarding whether or not FindNearRoute is usable with the NavTech.NA data source:
CanFindNearby Indicates whether whether you can use the FindServiceSoap.FindByID, FindServiceSoap.FindByProperty, FindServiceSoap.FindNearby, and FindServiceSoap.FindNearRoute methods with the specified DataSource object. You can use the FindByID, FindByProperty, and FindNearRoute methods only with your private point-of-interest data sources and the MapPoint.FourthCoffeeSample data source.

I managed to get information back from the FourthCoffeeSample just fine so I have a couple of questions:
1) Do I need to subscribe to NavTech.NA data source to be able to use it?

2) if not do you see any flaws in the way I am accessing the service