Hello guys,

I'm having some troubles trying to get a complete adress on some location objects found with the FindPlaceResults method. The scenario is this:

Using MP NA as an application, I type in the Find box "Wendy's, Canada" and hit the Find button. Let's say this returns 300 different locations. Using a small app, I use the FindPlaceResults method with the same string as its parameter, but when I print for example the FindResults(1).StreetAdress.Value property of the first location object, all I get is the location's phone number!
While I could call each and every one of them asking for directions and easily (yet, ridiculously slowly) get the results I want, I don't think they're gonna like the phone bill (or me) at the end of the month here at the office. So, I was wondering if anyone has done something of the sort and could shed some light on the matter.

Additionally, I read that using the FindResults method is the programmatic equivalent of using the Find box in the navigation bar, and although it also returns the correct number of results it still only gives me the location's phone number. I also tested by only using "Wendy's" as the search string and this way it DOES bring me the desired results for both methods, but it also includes the ones in the US, and for now I'm only interested in Canadian results.

I you need some more specifics on the question I'll be glad to post them as soon as I see them. Thanks for your help.