I have been looking into the license restrictions for Fleet Applications and read the previous thread that claims it has been ?clarified?. That thread stated that a Microsoft representative said "near real-time" is clearly defined in the EULA and it ends if there is a 15 seconds delay.

I read the EULA carefully and found no reference to 15 seconds. I pasted the EULA into Word and did a search for ?15, fifteen, and seconds?. None of these words are found in the EULA. This is definitely NOT clearly defined in the EULA. I have e-mailed Microsoft and after several days, I still have not received a response.

The definition of Near Real Time in the EULA is: ?Near real-time? takes into account network latency, transmission time and any other systems delays. There is no time limit when Near Real Time ends. Which means a Fleet Application is either a) real time and prohibited or b) Near Real Time and there are restrictions on number of vehicles and each vehicle needs a license.

Microsoft has a lot of experience with EULAs and legal team must intentionally made this vague because it was in their best interest. They knew that their Fleet definition was an issue with many MapPoint developers.