Fleet Freedom 3.0 1x and Airlink Pinpoint marry GPS and vehicle data for next generation

TORONTO, July 7, 2004 - Baka Trak-it, a leading North American telematics provider, has successfully completed integration of the Airlink Pinpoint product into an existing telematics client solution. Fleet Freedomıs addition of Bell Mobilityıs 1xrtt network will encompass four different hardware platforms on one screen. This will allow fleet and operations personnel to view devices on different networks and device platforms presented in one user interface from multiple, disparate gateways.

"This integration captures the full functionality of the Airlink AELOS operating system within the Pinpoint product," explains Guy Annable, Baka Trak-itıs director of business development. "The functionality combined with Airlinkıs mature device design and unparalleled reliability make this the device of choice for end-users requiring data points with high granularity.

"The cellemetry customers who have invested for years in this technology can now evaluate what the wide pipe of 1x wireless IP can do for their over-the-road applications. For example, this box is also a full data IP connection for data transfer from the vehicle for SAE J1939 ECM applications and in-vehicle data-logging and other data exchange activities from truck to host. It allows the vehicle to become an IP node on the wireless network. Anything that works in the IP world can be extended to the vehicle," adds Annable.

GPS and in-vehicle data communications are not new to the transportation market, but as many small and medium size companies are demanding better operational control of their mobile workforces, they are taking on a new face. Fleet Freedom puts a fleet on the screen in near real-time, using Microsoft location technology powered by MapPoint.

"Shifting from voice to data and gaining a range of vehicle metrics throughout the day is valuable to management, operations and customers because it allows us to elevate the level of service we deliver," says John Resnick, General Manager, Alpha Oil Limited. "We now have the ability to inform a customer how long it will take for our truck to reach his site for fill ups while heıs still on the phone. This is just one of the many operational benefits GPS has added to our existing in-vehicle data solution that is now powered by 1x and Baka Trak-it."

"This recent integration is a huge move forward for Airlink in the Canadian market," notes Nick Zemlachenko, Airlinkıs Director of Carrier Relations. "Working with a mature telematics provider on our Pinpoint product platform adds value for companies who chose Pinpoint for its AVL application. When they are looking at implementing location-based services to better manage mobile workforce resources, the added benefit of the two-way always-on live IP over wireless makes the decision easier."

"For many of our customers, itıs all about the back end," says John Marion, Baka Trak-itıs president. "We have invested substantially to create a telematics infrastructure that can host, manage, secure and present customer AVL devices on 1 xrtt, satellite, cellemetry or even cellular handsets. We believe there will continue to be much promise in the next phase of development in this LBS space with Microsoft and our network partners Bell Mobility," he adds.

About Baka Trak-it
One of Canada's leading providers of solutions for wireless data integration for mobile workforces, Baka Trak-it develops, implements and deploys a wide range of devices and software solutions to empower the mobile worker. Baka Trak-it is a division of Baka Communications Inc., headquartered in Etobicoke, Ont.

About AirLink
Founded in 1993, AirLink Communications, Inc. develops solutions that enable enterprises to control and collect data wirelessly from remote assets. AirLinkıs core products are the RedWing, Raven and PinPoint modems. On-board modem intelligence is factilitated by the proprietary AirLink Embedded Operating System (ALEOS). AirLink Communications also provides a host of additional software and firmware utilities designed to ease the migration to wireless environments.