Fleet2Track® (http://www.fleet2track.com) is the new fleet management platform for those Companies that need to monitor, track and to escort their travelling assets, and on request be able to interact with drivers.

Based on Mappoint software architecture, Fleet2Track® is a flexible instrument in order to face any company’s need either with an homogeneous earth’s fleet, as for example only trucks, or a mixed fleet as cars, vans, trucks etc.

- On request real time Localization of vehicle position, and automatic Localization scheduling the frequency of surveys.
- Visualization of route covered.
- Control all vehicle stops and their duration.

- Daily, weekly, or monthly fleet activity.
- Drivers’ behaviour.
- Historic chronology of position survey.

- Crash automatic alarm in case of accident.
- Anti-Theft automatic alarm in case of robbery with engine shut-off or silent listening possibility.
- Record of all SMS messaging between Control

Components - Fleet2Track is composed of:
F2T Control Center-
- Local/Internet Network Application that manages communications with terminal vehicular devices Turms001.
Terminal vehicular devices Turms001
- Integrated GPS receiver and GSM transmitter to be installed on vehicles.
- Transceiver antenna