Next Generation Browser-Based Flight Tracking and Weather Display System

SAN MATEO, Calif.--FlyteComm announces a technology and application breakthrough in flight tracking with the release of FlyteTrax(TM) II. FlyteComm brings to market the first patented, browser-based, full-motion weather and Aircraft Situation Display (ASD) system. FlyteTrax II combines intuitive graphics, innovative map technology and an integrated Flight Information Display (FID) that shows enroute flights, weather and flight listings all in one powerful product. Whether tracking commercial or General Aviation aircraft, FlyteTrax II gives the user the ability to see both proposed flight departures as well as enroute flight details. Built on the latest technology, FlyteTrax II processes and validates key data elements from multiple sources--all simultaneously. Tracking flights has never been easier and more accurate with minute-by-minute updates.

Utilizing Microsoft's MapPoint technology, FlyteTrax II offers nine detailed map options that continuously update aircraft position and flight status. FlyteComm's innovative technology is the first to update the browser without refreshing the entire window resulting in a flicker-free screen while maintaining optimal performance. FlyteTrax II is accessible from any web-enabled PC through the FlyteComm portal. Being browser-based reduces operating and support costs that typically run thousands of dollars per year for complex client/server applications making FlyteTrax II no hassle and maintenance-free. This approach also eliminates any need for application revision control that comes from older software architecture. Other new features include individual customization that lets users select their own preferences like multiple airport zoom windows and on-demand historical airport/aircraft reports. For flight tracking of any kind, FlyteTrax II is the total solution.

"Flight information has always been both a passion and a science with FlyteComm. Our years of experience and being pilots ourselves have helped us to understand all the anomalies that occur in flying. In our development we consider those events and have created algorithms and databases that make our flight information systems the best available today," comments Maurice Bailey, CEO, FlyteComm.

FlyteComm has announced that recently signed, Signature Flight Support, is one of the first beta users of FlyteTrax II. Initial feedback has been excellent, according to Mr. Bailey. "Our 60 beta users are simply validating what we already knew - that FlyteTrax II is the best flight tracking, and reporting product yet developed, bar none. And our technology leadership in flight tracking continues. Our partnership with Microsoft has enabled us to exploit their .NET and MapPoint technologies in ways that put us in the forefront of on-line, real-time web application services."

"It is exciting to see FlyteComm build real-world solutions that demonstrate the power and ease of integration of XML Web Services in general, and Microsoft's MapPoint Web Service in particular," says Rik Temmink, MapPoint Group Business Development Manager. "Instead of spending their resources on acquiring map data and running hard-to-manage and expensive Geographic Information Systems, FlyteComm chose to focus its efforts on its core domain expertise and rely on Microsoft's hosted XML Web service for maps and other location content."

"FlyteTrax II has been an excellent help in coordinating the ramp. We can't live without it. It's a very dependable tool. It has helped us to offer a better service to our customers by being prepared early enough for them. Please keep up the good work," Adds Ravi Satyanarayan, Technical Supervisor, Signature Flight Support.

Ken Bryant, Manager, General Aviation at Dallas/Ft. Worth Airport (DFW) has found FlyteTrax II saved the day for his operations several times already. "We really, really, like the proposed flight plan information. It gives us the heads-up we need to prepare for arriving aircraft. We have a very small staff and this feature assists us in positioning our team where and when we need them. We also like the ability to log-in on the Internet and access flight tracking information. As the Manager, I can login from home or off-site, and see the workload of our Fixed Base Operation."

Customers like different features about the new FlyteTrax II product. Pete Wierrenga, VP & Chief Pilot for Air Transportation Services - ATC Corporation says: "I love the way the map shows terrain and weather. I think an extremely powerful feature is the ability to show scheduled flights with their proposed departure times. I love this new web version!"

FlyteTrax II is available now. Additional functionality coming in the next 30 days, FlyteTrax II will be the only product with the ability for aircraft owners to view their blocked tail numbers.

About FlyteComm

FlyteComm provides intelligent travel information and services designed to meet the needs of aviation, corporate travel, transportation and wireless markets. Registered as a Delaware Corporation since 2000, the company expanded its pioneering position as an aviation solutions provider into a key supplier of information and technologies in the business travel marketplace. With corporations now spending $160 billion annually on air transportation, there is a critical need for accurate and timely information before and during travel. FlyteComm's innovative products and technologies provide corporations with the most relevant information required to make efficient and cost-effective decisions. Products include Trip Information Manager (TM) (TIM), Traveler Situation Manager(TM) (TSM) and the newly introduced FlyteTrax(TM)II. FlyteComm is headquartered in San Mateo, California.

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