Functional Programming with MapPoint and F#: Part 1

The first of two articles by Richard Marsden on MapPoint and F#. Recently released as a full product by Microsoft, F# can be used as a functional language or as an imperative or object-oriented language, and is useful for multi-threaded programming.

"F# is functional language for the .NET framework that is based on OCaml. Originally developed by Microsoft Research (Cambridge), it has recently been released as a full product by Microsoft. Functional programming has been favored by academia for a long time, but it has never expanded beyond niche applications in the commercial world. Although functional programming promises to be safer, the lack of supporting libraries and standard inter-language interfaces has been a major hurdle. F# might prove to be a major force in the adoption of functional programming. F# programs can easily access the entire .NET framework, and are about as fast as comparable C# programs. F# is also multi-paradigm. It can be used in a functional manner, but it can also be used as an imperative or objective oriented language. This allows you to easily switch to the most appropriate paradigm for the problem at hand."

Functional Programming with MapPoint and F#: Part 1 - MapPoint Articles - MP2K Magazine