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General embedded MapPoint questions

This is a discussion on General embedded MapPoint questions within the MapPoint Desktop Discussion forums, part of the Map Forums category; Hi all! I've been trying to use MapPoint to write a quick prototype application. The hope is that I can ...

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    satacoy is offline Junior Member White Belt
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    Aug 2007

    General embedded MapPoint questions

    Hi all!

    I've been trying to use MapPoint to write a quick prototype application. The hope is that I can create a simple GUI, incorporating MapPoints map control. I'd like to include GPS functionality as well.

    I've read a bunch of the articles in the last couple of days here, including Paul Larson's article about enabling the GPS functionality by sending messages. However, not being familiar with VB, I can't tell if a lot these examples are controlling an external copy of MapPoint, or actually incorporating it as a control in a custom GUI.

    I've had a bit of luck using MapPoint's control in my GUI, but a lot of functionality I want to use is unresponsive using Paul's techniques. I can toggle the GPS pane just fine, but the "Configure GPS..." button does nothing, whether I click it physically or programmatically. I've tried it with templates, and without, and get the same result.

    I am using C# instead of VB, so I have to make a few leaps of faith when reading many of the articles here. Has anyone actually successfully used the GPS functions when incorporating the MapPoint control in their own app? Or has everyone controlled an external copy of MapPoint?

    Thanks for any insight,

    Pete Covert

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    Bruce is offline Junior Member White Belt
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    Sep 2007

    Re: General embedded MapPoint questions

    I used MFC to embed and automate Microsoft MapPoint 2006 in my application. My application manage to display the Map object plus GPS pane as I expected. However, the controls inside the GPS Pane were disabled initially. Later, I enabled the GPS tracking, GPS trail and Configure GPS control programatically using FindWindow & EnableWindow Win32 APIs. However, the controls still do nothing when I clicked on them. Anyone know what's going on?

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