I was looking at this collection of headquarters for the top 25 Web 2.0 companies at Digital Urban blog today and got to wondering about the geographic dispersion of software companies. I wasn't at all surprised to see so many top startups and young companies concentrated in the valley, but would the same hold true for the top software companies? For Ranking I used http://softwaretop100.org/ which uses software revenue as its metric* and arrived at this map of the top 25 Software companies headquarters. Although nine of them are in the bay area, a lot more are spread across the US, 1 in Japan, and 2 in Europe. Click each map below to view it interactively

Top 25 Web2.0 Companies Headquarters (US)

Top 25 Software companies headquarters*(US)

No surprises in the top 5, only of which Oracle is in the bay area. Very strong showing among games companies including EA as the top software company deriving 100% of their revenue from software.

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