Go to any of these domains and they won’t exist. Well, they might after the web crawlers get a hold of my blog post; but, at the time of authoring this blog they don’t. How did I find them? No, not senseless hacking away at the GoDaddy’s web site. I used their new GeoDomainMap. The GeoDomainMap provides a map-based interface for exploring available domain names with location information included in the name. First, you enter a location. I put in “Seattle,” for obvious reasons. Second, you put in keywords. I’m a huge Pearl Jam fan and have been since Ten was released (I have 25 PJ albums – not all legal, I’m sure), so I put in “Pearl Jam” for my keyword. You can decide if you want your key word to appear at the beginning, middle or end of the domain names in the results. The outcome for my “Seattle,” “Pearl Jam” search I (surprisingly) found out is that is available! Maybe I’ll take it and start a fan page.


 The GeoDomainMap takes your location input and finds nearby neighborhoods. Then, it takes your keywords and appends your keywords, sans white space, and creates a domain name. It then checks the GoDaddy database of available domain names and returns those that are available. Each of the domain names are associated with a neighborhood, and thus a pair of latitude/longitude coordinates so what better way to display them then on a Bing Map?! Hover over the list and the popups will show on the map where the location within the domain is found. From the result list and the popup you can purchase the domain or add it to your wishlist. Is it no coincidence that Pearl Jam has a song called “Wishlist?” Hmmm – they’re probably PJ fans too.

A new spin on exploring domain name availability and worth your time to get your URI on board the location train.

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