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CHECKMATE 5 – forever changing the way you view your business

CHECKMATE 5 is an off-the-shelf, fully featured software package for small through large business:

  • . All-in-one compatibility for Geotab GO Key, Radio Wireless, NEW Live cellular AVL and NEW GPS2go Mobile
    . Even easier to install, learn and use
    . Enhanced reports for Activity, Customer Visits, Risk Management, Trip Detail, Exception Reporting and more!
    . Greater reliability with self-diagnosing troubleshooting eg. pop-up screen message tells you when antenna disconnected
    . View multiple trips on a map – each breadcrumb trail is colored, status of auxiliaries and ignition
    . Ability to add your own map layer on top of Microsoft MapPoint
    . Developer Support - can customize the view of the trip for example adding invoicing data directly to the map
    . Maps refresh as new live data arrives
    . Remote or disconnected site support
    . Import customers wizard improved with single branch or all regions import by geocode or address
    . Support for MSDE Database – Microsoft Desktop edition.
    . Data Manager to notify by popups and email of any problems, run even if the user is not logged in.
    . Data Manager automatically background processes data from all GO devices (Key, RF, Live and Mobile)
    . Data Manager supports remote GPS log recording changes and black box firmware upgrades from desktop
    . Improved internet update delivers software upgrades automatically to users
    . see below for more features!
GEOTAB GO products and Checkmate 5 offer choices that are the lowest risk, highest payback solutions available.

One Software release – several hardware options – GO Key, GO RF, GO Live. Regardless of the hardware platform, all data is recorded in high resolution quality and resides on the same single, central database, safely secured behind the customer’s own firewall for an unlimited period of time.
Business management in plain English. No Lats and Longs – plain English descriptions of who did what, where and when. We give you and your employees the solid information to answer the tougher question … why???

Customer Care Simplified
  • NEW Software setup is a sit-back-and-relax experience. Machine compatibility is pre-checked before installation. A couple of mouse clicks is all that it takes and you are ready to run.
    NEW Users no longer require administrator rights.
    NEW Checkmate intelligently and automatically processes your data in the background on the computer – it’s all automatic - no manual updating, importing or processing
    NEW Throughout Checkmate 5, automatic troubleshooting pop-up alerts will appear if errors happen. For example if you have vehicles in range of your downloader and you have forgotten to add them – Checkmate will popup an alert to help you to add them. If there are any problems with the vehicle hardware – for example the GPS antenna isn’t plugged into a unit – you will be notified. Overall this drastically reduces the need for onsite support.
    NEW Automatic email notifications are sent of any problems in the system.
    NEW Easy access to the Create Vehicle Test Key now in the Tools menu to make it easy to program Geotab blue keys for vehicle diagnostic or test mode.
    NEW Easily create Accident Data Keys or Lost Data Keys from the Tools menu
    NEW The new Data Manager feature has an activity log to show you step by step what is happening with your system. This log can be emailed to Geotab for support.
The New look of Simplicity
  • NEW Checkmate 5 supports multiple vehicle viewing. Each vehicle has its own color making it really easy to see what your whole team is doing at a glance.
    NEW Differentiate zones by color to visually distinguish between customers, office and areas.
    NEW Your maps – no problem. Checkmate 5 now seamlessly allows you to integrate custom maps into the product. You can build your own maps using industry standard tools and copy them to your maps directory to have them automatically appear inside Geotab. You can even place your custom maps as a layer on top of Microsoft MapPoint – great for municipal fleets, new home developers, off-road fleets, and mining operations etc…who maintain and update their own maps frequently but need MapPoint for street level perspective outside of their jurisdiction.
    NEW Viewing multiple exceptions for a single location record has been enhanced – a new star alert is created for each exception. A new point icon has been added for points where the speed is excessive making it simple to spot poor driving.
    NEW The auto-refresh function allows you to keep a map open while the screen refreshes as new driver data comes in – used for either passive or live data.
    NEW More powerful tools, more information = less training. That’s the Geotab philosophy. Training new users takes minutes not days. A new selection screen makes viewing a trip and generating reports more seamless and easier to understand.
    NEW Multiple simultaneous maps are now support for both MapPoint (North America and Europe) and ESRI (International customers).
    NEW Automatic refresh of trips display when creating rules or new data is added whether RF, key or live.
Enterprise features:
  • NEW True server-based processing allows the desktop PC to do other useful tasks and produces even faster trip views on Microsoft MapPoint.
    NEW Automatic archiving has been built in. Automatically move old data to a different server per your requirements.
    NEW Improved speed for large and small installations when using SQL Server (Enterprise or MSDE). Our data and network optimization work with our large enterprise customers is now built into our standard application. Checkmate 5 is one of the very few applications in the world that can cater for very large databases, multiple desktop users using slow Wide Area Networks or dial up internet connections.
    NEW Limited support for proxy servers
    NEW Automatic management of database size and reliability with new compact and repair (MS Access, MSDE, SQL).
View and report data when offline from the web. Checkmate users work from a local database. Even if disconnected from the internet – all reports and trips views can be experienced. Internet connections are only required for streaming live data to the database and desktop.
GEOTAB lets you choose the RIGHT GPS system for your vehicles and people – all data is delivered to YOUR database.


Digital Spread Spectrum 900Mhz for reliable wireless data at no monthly cost.
  • NEW More first time wireless connections between vehicle and computer with new electronic handshake early recognition software.
    NEW RF setup problems automatically generate a how-to-fix popup alert by the system.
    NEW Remote and offline sites can wirelessly download without being connected to the central database. Create your upload file with the click of a button send to the database when connected to the network.
    NEW Great for sites with limited network connectivity, slow networks or limited bandwidth.
GO RF supports optional Driver ID key, vehicle immobilization, 4 telematic sensor connections plus an upgrade to Geotab Integration Module


GSM/GPRS Real Time Asset Tracking with coverage in Canada, USA and Mexico.
  • NEW CHECKMATE 5 supports GO Live to allow you to track your assets throughout the day or from remote locations. View position on the map along with ignition on or off. View status of sensors throughout the day too.
    NEW Cost effective packeting of data.
    NEW Storage of trip memory when out of network coverage.
GO Live supports optional Driver ID key, vehicle immobilization, 4 telematic sensor connections

NEW Mobile GPS

Geotab GPS2GO Know Place like Phone - Live Mobile tracking with HP6500 family iPAQ PDA, Phone, Camera, GPS.
  • NEW GPS2go runs on Windows Mobile. Track activity while talking on the phone or emailing
    NEW Users indicate status by touch screen buttons
    NEW Receive text message/dispatch instructions from desktop users
    NEW Locate your current position on a map on the phone - location your employees position on a map on your desktop!
    NEW Generate routes from current position to where you need to go – visual and turn-by-turn directions
    NEW Audited privacy option auto-disables tracking on personal time
    NEW Create custom mobile groups with different work hours, privacy setting, logging frequency
If you are new to GPS or if you have a GPS system now and you want greater value for your investment, contact us for a CHECKMATE 5 demo and to discuss your needs with an experienced business solutions specialist.

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