its almost christmas, so I thought about my wishes ... Besides gifts I also came up with modifications I would like to have in the next version of MapPoint (i'm currently using MapPoint 2011 Europe). Here is one ...

When planning a route you can change the route segment preferences and choose between "Quickest", "Shortest" and "Preferred roads". When using "Preferred roads" you can set the "Preferred road types" and choose preferences for certain raod types on a slider from "dislike" to "like". Especially for road types "Ferries" and "Toll roads" I'm really unhappy that even setting the slide to absolute dislike still includes ferries on the route, even if there is a detour possible. Please also see thread [1].

Therefore my wish is to get a route property to set specific GeoRoadTypes explicitly and absolutely to be avoided.

I would accept to get a "route not possible", e.g. when trying to drive from Africa to Australia with my "Avoid ferries" property set

As a backup wish, I would accept the current dislike settings if I could specify the accepted detour distance when using dislike on certain road types. Then I could state that the detour could have e.g. 1000 km/mile (whatever GeoUnits is used). A detour maximum of "unlimited" would also be helpful, even if it's not always applicable ...

Thanks for the consideration of my wish


[1] "No ferry" option chooses ferries along route :-/
"No ferry" option chooses ferries along route :-/