I've bumped into Morten Nielsen's Sharp GIS blog a few times in the past, but it was just recently that I finally subscribed after someone sent me a link. Very educational, on topic, and well written. It could stand on its own as a good blog for general web dev or GIS, and if you happen to have interest in both it becomes a must read.

The mapping tab of my feeds page had grown to over 50 blogs this year and it was getting to be a big time sink to get through all of them, even just headline scanning. I streamlined recently, keeping just the blogs with original content and one aggregator (PlanetGS) above the fold, moving everything else off to an archive tab. I've been pretty hardline about keeping the bar high to get on the main tab and SharpGIS definitely earned a spot there.

In other Developer news, TechEd 2007 is next month in Barcelona. Great show in a great city!! If you attend, be sure to check out the Virtual Earth deep dive November 7th:

Prepare for a deep dive into Virtual Earth. Johannes Kebeck, Europe’s lead Technical Specialist will explain the code required to take your Virtual Earth application to the next level. Topics covered will include Integration with your back office (including the new SQL Server 200, working with your Geographic Information Systems (GIS) data, tile serving, optimizing performance with large databases and interface techniques for creating the ultimate customer experience. We’ll show you the new features in Virtual Earth and show you where to find developer community resources for integrating your applications with GIS and other Windows Live services.

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