eWeek recently had a series of articles on GIS. Here is a quote related to MapPoint:

"Microsoft Corp.'s MapPoint Web Service is an XML/ Simple Object Access Protocol programmable system that allows developers to add location-based services to enterprise-class applications. Hosted by Microsoft, MapPoint Web Service could be used to enhance applications such as CRM (customer relationship management). For example, leveraging geographic data, a CRM tool could help determine the sales representative closest to a client. (CRM vendor E.piphany Inc. last year announced the integration of MapPoint Web Service into its E.piphany E.6 software.)

There are two pricing models for MapPoint Web Service: The service can be used per transaction (a transaction is defined as an activity that renders a map or takes data from the service) for 0.008 cents per transaction; the per-user model costs $3 with unlimited transactions. "

Read the full set of articles here: http://www.eweek.com/article2/0,3959,1184828,00.asp