GPS-Based Precision Time Signals Help Synchronized Global Information Networks of Fiber Optics, Coaxial Cable, Copper Wire, Radio and even Communication Satellites

DUBLIN, Ireland--April 27, 2006--Research and Markets has announced the addition of Global Positioning Systems (GPS): The Road Ahead to their offering.

GPS technology has made significant contributions to the global economy in the last decade. Hundreds of uses of GPS now exist from stand-alone applications, such as surveying and navigation, to more integrated, embedded applications in which GPS is just one component. Like the Internet, GPS is an information technology that is a part of the emerging Global Information Infrastructure. GPS-based precision time signals help synchronized global information networks of fiber optics, coaxial cable, copper wire, radio, and even communication satellites. GPS applications are generating both commercial products and information services, which increase productivity in diverse public service applications and enhance national and even personal security.

Based on the industry trends and technological assessment, experts predict that the market is expected to grow for the next 15-20 years. Predictions also show a strong annual growth and an expected market size of US $757 billion by 2017. There have seen a significant growth of interest in GPS applications for fields, such as vehicle tracking, surveying, mapping, navigation, railway management, marine, aeronautical, land vehicle and electric power systems. This report summarizes the main companies involved (all of them are small), and briefly mentions their activities.

This research analyzes on GPS equipment markets worldwide, offering revenue, unit, and average price forecasts at the segment and sub-segment level. The study covers general aviation, land, marine, military, timing, and wireless markets. The GPS-enabled wireless segment includes sub-segments for mobile handsets and personal digital assistants (PDAs)/pagers/laptops.

Report Highlights:

Scope and application of GPS devices in market structure
Differential GPS (DGPS) techniques and application
Global GPS market structure and structural growth
GPS market and revenue share (by sector)
Government initiative and funding policies
Report Features:

"Global Positioning Systems (GPS): The Road Ahead" report provides an in-depth vision of the market scenario and the varied application growth opportunities influenced by the technological advancement in the field of GPS services. The primary focus of the report is to leverage a balance by contemplating on the impact of GPS, the market development and its limitations, along with a critical perspective into the ongoing insurgence and concerning technological issues. Chapter 2 provides an overview of the GPS technology and Chapter 3 provides an insight into the industry. Chapter 4 highlights the government initiative and funding policies, while Chapter 6 talks about the current technological advances and opportunities. Chapter 5 looks into the alternative technological sources to GPS Industry and how GLONASS aiding the market for GPS Sector worldwide.

Contents Include:

About the Report

Abbreviations and Terminologies

1. Preface

2. Introduction to Global Positioning System

3. Global Positioning Services: Industry Insight

4. Components of GPS

5. GPS Alternatives

6. Overall Market Growth and Future Prospects

7. Government Initiative and Funding Policies

8. Barriers to the Entry of GPS Competitors

9. Company Profiles for GPS Services

10. GPS - Reigniting PDA Market Demand

11. Future Outlook

Companies Mentioned:-

ALK Technologies
Microsoft MapPoint
Pharos Science
Route 66 Geographic Information Systems
Via Michelin
Wayfinder Systems
GPS Device Vendors
Lowrance Electronics

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