GPS Magic already has an impressive list of features but we want to add even more.

Unlike other SATNAV software and devices, GPS Magic is constantly being updated. This means that if an improvement or new feature is required or requested it is more likely to be implemented in weeks rather than years.

Here is a list of the existing features of GPS Magic

The main interface gives you lots of information that is spread over six pages as shown below.

The main control console first page

This displays the basic GPS Information using the traffic lights to show the quality of GPS Data.

The main control console second page

This shows the second page of GPS Magic. This page shows information about where you are and your next direction.

The main control console third page

This is the next page. This has a real time compass that shows the direction you are traveling and the direction to your next turn. It also shows you the distance to your next turn and an estimated time to that turn.

The main control console fourth page

This page displays your journey time and distance. It also displays the total time and distance of all your journeys. Both counters are resetable using the little buttons on the display.

The main control console fifth page

This is the first satellite information page. It shows you which satellites you are using and there signal strength. The traffic lights indicate the quality of the GPS data.
RED for No GPS
AMBER for 2D
GREEN for 3D

The main control console sixth page

This is the second satellite page. This shows you extra information including the current location errors.
GPS Magic Plots your current position on the map with an arrow to show your direction or a stop sign to show when you are stopped.

GPS Magic gives you visual and spoken instructions that include the direction and the road names

It uses future tense and present tense instructions for example



The image below shows a typical road sign.

You have the option to use distance or ETA for your notifications

You also have the option to use Miles of Kilometers

GPS Magic also has a scrolling information bar that gives you information about you next instruction. Also this bar can display to current time and the distance from your next direction change.

GPS Magic uses intelligent route management in order to avoid false route recalculations

GPS Magic also supports Multi stop routes.

If you are on a motorway GPS Magic will also give you warnings at 1mile and mile to your junction so you have plenty of time to get into the correct lane.

GPS Magic utilizes intelligent decision making based on distance, speed and road type. This ensures that it does not give you information at the wrong time or in the wrong order.

If however you do make a wrong turn GPS Magic will automatically recalculate your route for you.

GPS magic has an Auto Hide feature that can automatically hide the route and directions once a route has been calculated thus giving a full view of the map.

GPS Magic also features a unique Auto Volume control. Once GPS Magic is running you can change the volume settings on your laptop and when you close GPS Magic your original settings will be restored. Then the next time you open GPS Magic it will remember how you like your volume and set it back again.

GPS Magic also features a unique Auto Zoom. With this enabled the map will automatically zoom in and out as your speed increases and decreases. Thus ensuring your passenger always has a clear view of the journey.

During the testing of GPS Magic it was discovered that Mappoint does not like to calculate a route if you are on a motorway, instead it calculates from the nearest road.
Sometimes the actual location of a section of motorway can be different to the location on the map you are using. This can cause problems. So GPS Magic can automatically disable the recalculation when you are on a motorway to eliminate this problem.

GPS Magic uses Text To Speech Technology, so you can use any TTS Voice installed on your laptop.

As well as turning your laptop into a fully featured SATNAV system GPS Magic allows you to record your journey so you can play it back later.

GPS Magic Plus gives you all of the features of GPS Magic but it also gives you traffic camera information.

With GPS Magic Plus you can download a current traffic camera database from the GPS Magic website which contains the location of all the known traffic camera locations and enforcement speeds in the UK.

GPS Magic Plus can use this information to give you an advanced spoken and visual warning of a traffic camera thus making your journey safer.

The image below shows a typical traffic camera warning.

You can also save all you favorite destinations on the waypoints page. This allows you to navigate to them with just a couple of clicks.

The waypoints page is shown bellow.

In addition to the Traffic Camera notifications and the Waypoints Screen GPS Magic Plus also includes an easy to use diversion management page.

All you need to do to add a diversion to your route is click enable button, then just click on the map using you left mouse button whilst holding down the shift key.
The name of the diversion is added to the list automatically.

One of our customers has suggested that it would be nice to be able to add your own camera locations to GPS Magic Plus.

This feature may well be implemented in the next release of GPS Magic.

After reading the list of features GPS Magic already has, please can you inform me of any other features you would like to see in the future releases of GPS Magic.

You can post them here or send them to

Please remember you can still try all the features of GPS Magic Plus Free

Any suggestions will be appreciated.