Mobile GPS Online, a mobile GPS products and services firm located in Ottawa, Canada, today announces the release of GPSTest version 1.0.0. GPSTest is a powerful tool for testing and evaluating GPS Receivers/Modules based on the NMEA standard. If you are a vendor it helps you test and evaluate the quality of your GPS products. If you are a user, it helps you find out the best GPS product that fits your project requirements.

Main Features of GPSTest:
Log and track data from NEMA ports for multiple GPS receivers at the same time.
Monitor and compare navigation information, satellites in view, signal quality etc. real time for multiple GPS receivers.
Test cold start time and the times to acquire one, two, three and five satellites fixes.
Positioning accuracy analysis based on different probability confidence intervals.
Outliers or jump points analysis based on different error distances.
Graphic presentation of the positional errors and error distributions.
Export data to Excel for convenient view, further analysis and report.
Show up roads or streets tracking test results on Microsoft MapPoint.
Generate test and evaluation report in Microsoft Word.
Convenient online help and support system.

About Mobile GPS Online
Mobile GPS Online is a mobile GPS products and services firm located in Ottawa, Canada. It specializes in system integration and application software development utilizing Global Positioning System (GPS), Geographic Information System (GIS)/Microsoft MapPoint and Wireless Communication Technologies. For more information about Mobile GPS Online, visit