GridImp v2.2 Released for Microsoft MapPoint is pleased to announce Version 2.2 of their GridImp product for Microsoft's MapPoint product.

GridImp is designed to plot gridded data in MapPoint - a type of data that cannot normally be plotted in MapPoint. Gridded data can be indexed in various coordinate systems and text file formats.

Version 2.2 adds support for the 2006 version of Microsoft
MapPoint, and is free for all existing users of GridImp. Upgrading is recommended for all users who intend to use MapPoint 2006.

Existing users can download GridImp v2.2 from:

This will install over your existing installation and automatically find your existing registration license.

Not using GridImp yet? Full details, examples, and a free trial can be found at:

Example images can also be found here:

GridImp provides the following benefits:

- Display data that is specified with gridded coordinates
- Works with text files exported by Excel, Access, etc.
- Can work with multiple coordinate systems
- Add a greater range of attractive displays to MapPoint
- Greater flexibility of colormaps than standard MapPoint options
- Tolerance for missing data
- Plot data at a different resolution to the input file
- Plot data for any point in the world
- Supports MapPoint 2002, 2004, and 2006

Other features include:

- Can re-grid data to provide a smooth display
- Support for data holes: keep them or interpolate across them
- Support for space, tab, and comma separated input files
- Polygon-reduction algorithm for fast rendering in MapPoint
- Design and re-use your own colormaps
- Walk-through tutorials
- Supports Windows XP and Windows 2000

Further details are available from:

GridImp costs $75 for one license with volume discounts available. (VAT and sales tax may apply)

We can also accept advance orders for MapPoint 2006 North America via the following link:

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