HarvestGold Releases the First Complete Sales Planning Process Solution

HARRISON CITY, Pa., July 20 -- HarvestGold LP today announced the release of the first complete territory-level sales planning solution, the HarvestGold Sales Planning Process(TM).

According to HarvestGold President Steve Lippock, the HarvestGold Sales Planning Process assists sales executives in executing the important process of territory planning. "Planning at the territory level is the key to sales success. HarvestGold now offers on-site training and software tools for sales managers who need to add a quantitative territory planning solution to their sales training and management tool kit."

The HarvestGold Sales Planning Process solution comes with a full set of software tools and templates designed to assist sales people in the development of territory-specific goals and sales strategies. The HarvestGold Sales Planning Process increases sales through territory planning -- a process in which historical sales data is leveraged to develop income-driven activity and productivity goals, territory-specific sales strategies, and corresponding lists of targeted accounts.

Benefits of territory planning

The HarvestGold Sales Planning Process allows sales managers and sales representatives to define goals, develop strategies and implement the tactics that are most likely to increase sales in specific territories. According to Lippock, instituting the HarvestGold Planning Process will result in:

* Increased accountability through collaborative goal setting

* Improved focus for a sales team through the use of territory-specific strategies and targeted account lists

* Extension of the company's sales goals into the field

* More sales as a result of a more focused and motivated sales team.

Microsoft's MapPoint®, which can be used in conjunction with the HarvestGold software, allows sales managers to plot customer locations and define effective and workable territories.

Getting the most from your sales force

Duquesne-based Advanticom, Inc., a telecommunication products supplier, and ICN Corporation, a networking solutions provider, have found the value in the HarvestGold Sales Planning Process. Both entities have incorporated HarvestGold into their territory planning activities.

"HarvestGold allows us to look at our customer base and see where and how we have we been successful. It gives us the ability to strategically target specific initiatives toward specific customer sets," according to Steve Higgins, director of sales for both Advanticom and ICN. "With HarvestGold, account managers now have the ability to identify strategic ways to upsell within our customer base."

"In addition, HarvestGold helps Advanticom and ICN's four sales representatives manage their territories in a smarter fashion, and the two account managers are able to develop better sales forecasts," says Higgins.

The challenges of managing a national sales force

Ted Teele, Pittsburgh-based CEO of OneCoast Network, knows the challenges of managing a national sales force. With nearly 250 sales people across the U.S. selling gifts, home furnishings, and collegiate products to a variety of clients -- ranging from independent retailers to retail giants such as Neiman Marcus -- Teele needs more than a sales spreadsheet to effectively manage OneCoast Network's sales teams and their strategies.

"HarvestGold's methodology takes rich data out of our corporate database and places it into a model that facilitates our planning process," says Teele. "It enables us to analyze sales performance and to target accounts."

Teele notes, "Most sales training focuses on how to make the sale. A lot of sales people deal with customers with whom they have worked with for years. The problem is not, 'How do I make the sale?' Instead, the problem is, 'What is the strategy to build the relationship?' Territory planning facilitates this."

Teele gives the example of the OneCoast's sales representative who is responsible for covering half the state of Kentucky. Teele states, "That individual may have 400 retailers in their territory; OneCoast needs to do a good job of planning to use the sales person's time wisely."

The next generation of territory planning

"HarvestGold territory planning is the best on the market," states to Robert W. Junke, CEO of Adventace, Inc., a Gibsonia, PA-based company that helps client companies to improve their sales culture and produce highly predictable, measurable and sustainable results.

Adventace is so impressed with HarvestGold's results that it has partnered with HarvestGold and incorporated the HarvestGold Sales Planning Process into the company's four-part High Performance Sales Environment(TM) methodology.

"HarvestGold allows executives to do a great deal of planning for their individual market segments," says Junke. He highlights HarvestGold's market segmentation capabilities: "It allows you to define a market or territory segment by industry, account type, product line or other category. You can then set goals for penetration into those segments and run 'what-if' scenarios to test the effectiveness of strategies and tactics. It is the next generation of territory planning."

Learn more about the HarvestGold Sales Planning Process

To learn more about the sales training industry's first complete Sales Planning Process, which includes training, planning templates and software to assist managers in developing territory-level sales plans, contact:

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