I am having a problem with finding a location of a pushpin where the
address did not return a specific address. With MapPoint 2002 the
address I am using is
3201 University Park, Irving, TX
this address does not exist so it puts a pushpin at
University Park, Irving, TX

In the code below what is returned as the pshResult.Location is
nothing. I need to get the location of where it puts that pushpin,
which is at the center of that road

object fndFindDialog =
Map.ActiveMap.ShowFindDialog(sFindValue,MapPoint.G eoFindState.geoFindAddress,Process.GetCurrentProce ss().MainWindowHandle.ToInt32(),true);

if (fndFindDialog != null)
MapPoint.Pushpin pshResult;
pshResult = (MapPoint.Pushpin) fndFindDialog;
//pshResult.Location is null at this point