HCSS Launches Integrated GPS Feature for The Dispatcher(TM) Resource Management Software

GPS Adds Location, Speed, Cycle Times and Historical Tracking to Resource Management

HOUSTON, TX -- HCSS (Integrated Construction Estimating, Field Management & Dispatching Software - hcss.com) has launched an integrated GPS feature that significantly expands the capabilities of its resource management software, The Dispatcher(TM). Managers can now make better decisions based on accurate information from the field, helping them utilize equipment more efficiently, lower fuel costs, reduce cycle times, minimize theft and identify underutilized rentals.

"There are dozens of GPS units in the marketplace that can be mounted on equipment and report locations, but our product is integrated with resource management software that knows where the equipment is supposed to be and on what jobs," said Mike Rydin, HCSS president. "For example, since The Dispatcher software knows the location of all job sites, an area can be defined around each of them called a 'geo fence.' When a truck moves into the area, that event is recorded and a trucking cycle-time report can be produced. That goes far beyond merely reporting equipment locations."

In addition to cycle-time analysis, the integrated GPS feature shows where equipment is currently located, where it has been, how fast it's been going and meter readings of how long the equipment has been running. The meter readings, coupled with The Dispatcher's maintenance scheduling ability, help improve preventive maintenance on equipment.
The Dispatcher GPS package includes the GPS receiver, antenna and harness, data service coverage, air time and integration with The Dispatcher software.

The Dispatcher

The Dispatcher Resource Management Software is designed to replace traditional magnet and dry-erase boards with an easy-to-use, graphics-oriented program that works similarly, but has far greater capabilities. In addition to viewing all jobs and resources on a visual screen, resources can be scheduled and viewed on a bar chart and plotted on a map using Microsoft's MapPoint(TM) mapping program. The Dispatcher also is integrated with HeavyBid® Estimating and HeavyJob® Field Management Software.

For Information

For information about The Dispatcher and its integrated GPS feature, contact HCSS at Integrated Construction Estimating, Field Management & Dispatching Software - hcss.com or 800-683-3196.

About HCSS

Founded in 1986, HCSS is the developer of HeavyBid® Estimating Software; HeavyJob® Field Management Software; and The Dispatcher(TM) Resource Management Software. HCSS sets the standard for estimating and field management and dispatching software for the infrastructure construction industry, with instant 24-hour technical support, on-site training by veteran contractors and annual user's group meetings attended by hundreds of contractors. Thousands of contractors, bidding in excess of $300 billion per year, rely on HCSS products for their ease of use, speed and precision in performing estimating, field management and dispatching activities.

HCSS is located at 6200 Savoy, Suite 1100, Houston, TX 77036. For more information about HCSS and its complete line of estimating, field management and dispatching products, visit Integrated Construction Estimating, Field Management & Dispatching Software - hcss.com or call 800-683-3196.