First comment, I am glad I found this site ! Nice Job.

Two problems/questions: I have the 60 day trial versions of both MapPoint 2004 North America and MapPoint 2004 Europe and am in the process of seeing how they work (project for my company and also me)

For most things, they both work fine. But in the Europe Version, I cannot save a map for Pocket PC that will open. It creates the maps, they sound like the correct size, but in trying out 9 different PDA's, none of them will open the maps. The USA one works fine. I have the latest Pocket Streets on the PDA. Also I ( and several other people) have noticed the same problem with the Microsoft Provided maps on the web for Pocket Streets. I think there is only one London one that will open up. I cannot get ay tech support from Microsoft since these are trial copy's.
Any ideas out there ?

Second, it looks like a US person cannot purchase the Europe Version anymore ? That is the one that I would be using the most. Is there a way around this so you can purchase it ? Only other option I thought of was a friend in Europe and then sending it back here, my guess is I would not be able to get Microsoft Support.
In Advance, Thanks !!