I'm not sure if Mappoint simply has the worst documentation ever written from a programmatic standpoint, or if mappoint is an absolutely worthless product, or after 8 years of writing VB6 code, I just simply have become incapable and incompetent.

Here's what I did.

Created a map in code loaded into an activex control, added a bunch of pushpins (start/end points for transportation system), added shapes (a line between start and end point for each) and then did some color coding and symbol flashing depending on the urgency or on-time/late status of the schedules for the pickups etc........

When the server map loads the data it saves the ptm file. on the client side when the user requests initiated loads, it opens this map to the ActiveX control at which point ALL I NEED TO DO is be able to loop through the pushpins on the map, review the note field (which is where I put the flag that indicates whether the schedule needs this one to flash), and then load those with a note matching a particular value into an array.

I have SPENT 3 HOURS trying to follow the object model details in the mappoint (SO CALLED) help/programming information only to still have no way to simply loop through the pushpins on the map.

How hard can this possibly be? CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP before I scrap this entire development project and find another mapping resource to work with Or if that is your recommendation, I'll take that as well.......

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide, I'm sure this is simple even though it appears to be impossible to find the information in the documentation and mappoint seems to be the worst documented, most minimally supported development utility in the world since I can find almost no useful information online at microsoft or in the "Help" section of the application, let alone anywhere else online.......

If any of you have any recommendations for books, or websites that have ANY VALUABLE mappoint information I would GREATLY APPRECIATE IT. But right now, I despereately need the answer to this question.

Thanks again!