Hello Guys,

Forgive me but i am pretty new to this two software.
I am having a major issue using Mappoint and sql server. It is just this one problem i have. I have a list of vendors i need to map. trying to map the states they work primirily in. The problem is that i need a table containg spatial data before i can map the states on mappoint with sql server. I have no idea what a spatial data is. I have tried reading about it but all i see is just words no example. Can anyone pls show me an example of what this would be. Say i have 600 Vendors that work in all states. I have a table containing their names, states and what they do. What would the spatial data be? Is it just coordinates for each states? would i have to add a coordinate like long and lat for each state? I am really in need of help. What would i need in the table for the spatial data to match each states? I have tried changing the datatype of state from VRCHAR to Geography but that sill doesn't work