imageIts football season, something I look forward to all year like a kid waiting for summer. but I'm a Giants fan displaced to Seattle and we're off to a ridiculously bad start this year primarily due to a pair of defensive efforts that are particularly embarrassing for a team that has such a great defensive history. So on this slow news day for Giants football, this post on Virtual Globetrotting of Jay Feely's house caught my eye. I was at the game game a couple years ago here in Seattle where he missed three game winning field goals, a day forever cemented in his legacy. Funny thing about that game - 45 minutes before game time i'm at my seat watching warmups. 5 rows back is this already loaded heckler laying into Feely mercilessly. Feely's a place kicker - no one wastes their time on a kicker, but this guy apparently had some personal vendetta and was unloading nonstop. "Hey Feely. You'll always be number 2 (his jersey number)" was one of the most memorable. it went from pregame into the game and just didn't stop, reaching a crescendo when Feely started his string of misses. It was like this meathead was some kind of prophet. as if he knew Feely was gonna blow the game before it even had begun.

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