In reference to an old posting http://www.mp2kmag.com/mappoint/disc...ight=com+modal

I want to make a MapPoint COM Addin form non modal (as the AGPS addin behaves). "AGPS provides this functionality letting the user click in the Map and still keep the AddIn form active."

I have read the following :
1) "... Non-modal forms cannot be displayed in MapPoint directly from a COM add-in. If you have non-modal forms, you can have your add-in call an external program (such as a Visual Basic executable) that connects to MapPoint. ... "

2) "... , as COM+ AddIn are COM objects, they are not necesseraly hosted 'in-process' so you could write an out-process COM AddIn backed by its own application and have this type of 'non-modal' behaviour. Another way to go is to have a COM AddIn behaving as a bridge between MapPoint and your other Application. ..." (
http://www.mp2kmag.com/mappoint/disc...ight=com+modal )

Does anybody have any sample Visual Basic code how to do this or can give me any hints where to look for in VB?

I would like desperately to have the non modal behaviour in my forms of my Addin!