With the eye excessive can cause eye fine lines, we can heat and cold double apply the method to solve this problem.At night after cleansing, use warm towel, apply is in the eye of about 3 to 5 minutes, comfortable eye skin, and then get off, use cold water wash towels, towel cools, then apply the under eye for 2-3 minutes, stimulate the eye blood circulation around the eyes to the tiny blood vessels is not blocked, for once a day, can promote eye week cycle, reduce the pigment precipitation, prevent fine lines, etc.Many girls think brush next eyelash eyelash is a "minefield". it will be brushed to the skin accidentally, or simply did not brush , even the well-painted eye makeup has been destroyed. Today bimatoprost eyelash growth can help eyelash growth second, donít need mascara cream.latisse generic ?You can choose online store or website.

Eye head is the place where the eye is the most thin, is also very easy to lose elasticity cause drooping brow forehead wrinkles, etc., we can through the tall eyebrows to tighten the skin around the eyes and bridge of the nose of the deep spring of action, to help eye head rejuvenation.As long as his eyebrows conscious to do every day movement 20 to 50 times.

Because often eyes, eye appear prolapse, also can let we can through the eye massage to lifting eye end,;Since eye head, with the thumb of the stomach slowly in the direction of ear gently stretching, maintain 5 seconds, then slowly let go, repeat 5, then use forefinger and middle finger gently pull open eye end of crow's feet, massage, can supplement eye cream, the effect will be better)

The embodiment of the crow's feet is the most embarrassing eye, we can use the same massage way, to relieve the crow's feet.Use five fingers gently down by, along the orbit around, slowly fashion using the power of the stomach.In fashion at the same time, it is important to note that the location of the crow's feet, according to the use of attention to the strength, also don't too hard, like to pinch the fine lines eye all disappear.