I am using MapPoint 2002 and want to use the ImportData method to imports data as a DataSet object; similar to the Import Data Wizard. It works fine using the stuff below except I can I use it on a password projected Access database? I saw where someone suggesting using a UDL to import ADO recordsets but I prefer not to go there.

Here is a piece of my code now:

Set objDataSet = objMap.DataSets.ImportData("C:\Program Files\Transity\transity.mdb!tmpLastKnownLocation", , geoCountryUnitedStates, , 0)
DataSourceMoniker syntax

The following information describes the syntax that can be used for the DataSourceMoniker parameter of the methods in the Applies to list, which apply to the DataSets collection. Use this syntax when importing or linking a set of data from any of the applications in the chart below. Some DataSourceMoniker settings require that the ImportFlags parameter also be set.

Access <File>!<TableName> "20Addresses.mdb!20Addresses", ImportFlags := geoImportAccessTable