i am developing an application on the same lines of the FourthCoffee sample application by Microsoft. and i am stuck, as i am not able to set culture info for UserInfoFindValue and UserInfoRouteValue. i am using the following code.

Dim myUserInfoFindHeader As New UserInfoFindHeader
Dim myCultureInfo As New CultureInfo

myCultureInfo.Name = "de"
myCultureInfo.Lcid = 7
Set myUserInfoFindHeader.Culture = myCultureInfo
FindService.UserInfoFindHeaderValue = myUserInfoFindHeader

but i get an error object does not support the property or method on the line "FindService.UserInfoFindHeaderValue = myUserInfoFindHeader"
i have tried "Set FindService.UserInfoFindHeaderValue = myUserInfoFindHeader" also.

please Look into this, your help will be greatly appriciated.