I am using the ImportData method in MP2002 to map locations represented in a tab delimited text file. Some lines in the file cannot be mapped as they are "status" messages from the GPS source, and therefore do not contain Lon/Lat values. This is acceptable.
The problem comes if these lines preceed the first valid location record. For example, if the following file is imported all is well (a matched count of 5)

15 09/12/03 09:17:28 C 65 -0.849435 51.4011116666667 0
15 09/12/03 10:31:24 C 65 -0.849435 51.4011116666667 0
15 09/12/03 10:31:34 C 65 -0.849435 51.4011116666667 0
15 09/12/03 10:31:44 C 65 -0.845721666666667 51.4051366666667 0
15 09/12/03 10:31:54 C 65 -0.839526666666667 51.4034383333333 0

However, if these records follow a number of "status" messages, NO records are matched, not even the good ones!! After some experiments, it would appear that 12 of these "status" records still allow the file to be imported properly, but adding the 13th to the file causes no records to be matched!?
Here is a typical "status" message:
15 08/12/03 08:50:43 RESET 08/12/03 08:50:42 08/12/03 08:50:43

After import, the values for field 4 of the matchable records become Null and the values for field 5 (longitude) become empty - and without a longitude, no match can be made.

Has anyone else come across this and conceived a workround? or can I go quietly mad on my own?

M :-)

PS. The tabs dont show up very well in the examples above; they are there and the data is formatted correctly.