With all the Cheap Jordans 2017 love for the Air Jordan series kicking in, you might need some reminding that the Nike brand has a few releases this year independent of the Air Jordan line. One of the designs making the rounds today is the Nike Air Penny 4 with its black and white color combination.It is safe to say that the Nike Air Penny 4 is uniquely different from all the other kicks made available in the past. You will either love it or hate it as the shoes offer a predominantly white front that tapers into black shading along the back.

The Cheap Jordan Shoes white-colored coloring starts in the tip from the foot, running towards the vamp and stopping just lacking the quarter panel. It makes sense that the tongue is taught in same sleek white-colored leather with apparent yet minimal stitching.What exactly are interesting about these footwear would be the underlying shoelaces. We are saying "underlying" since you can clearly discover their whereabouts there but there's a white-colored covering which makes the middle of the tongue neat and straight. It essentially appears like a reverse design in which the laces are put at the end and also the tongue at the very top.

The KD 10 For Sale black leather pattern moves in the quarter panel completely towards the heels from the footwear. Don't get confused though since the upper portion continues to be white-colored so the black leather is actually just one inch-wide strip travelling across the kicks.To create these footwear much more outstanding, you will find a buckle-like strip, we're thinking Velcro that can help further tighten the kicks across the ankle area. Obviously, there's an apparent emblem across the fringe of the strip.

In the back, you can observe the black leather capped using the Cent Hardaway emblem completed in a bold shade of red. The Swoosh icon is stored small , discreet across the side, that one completed in white-colored having a bold lining of red.