Indus Boosts Field Service Management Capabilities with Integration of Microsoft MapPoint Location Server

Indus Service Suite Enhanced with Real-Time Location Services

ATLANTA--May 16, 2005--Indus International Inc., a leading provider of Service Delivery Management solutions, today announced the expanded field resource optimization capabilities of its Service Suite® software solution via an integration to the Microsoft MapPoint Location Server. This integration will further enhance Indus' robust service management solutions by giving Service Suite users seamless access to Web-based mapping services combined with real-time location data, significantly improving clients' ability to locate, track and manage their mobile assets and mobile workforce.

MapPoint Location Server represents a major advance for location-based services (LBS) by making it easy to combine mapping capabilities from the Microsoft MapPoint Web Service with real-time location data from select mobile operators. The MapPoint Web Service is a programmable Web service hosted by Microsoft and used by application developers to integrate location-based services such as maps, driving directions and proximity searches into software applications like Indus Service Suite. Combined with location-based services from mobile operators such as Sprint, MapPoint Location Server will enable Indus solutions to offer enhanced asset tracking, fleet management and mobile-worker dispatch based on real-time proximity to service calls.

"MapPoint Location Server provides its industry partners with a flexible and familiar programming environment to incorporate real-time location information into applications and services that will propel the service industry forward and deliver increased business value to Indus and its Service Suite customers," said Trina Seinfeld, lead product manger of the MapPoint business unit at Microsoft Corp. "Indus' support for MapPoint Location Server provides users with a complete service management solution incorporating world-class customer, asset and field service management applications for optimum performance throughout the entire service value chain."

Indus Service Suite is an integral component of Indus' comprehensive SDM solution offerings, which optimize customer, asset and workforce management. Service Suite facilitates optimal management of field service through the following capabilities:

- Robust, algorithm-driven, workforce optimization
- Real-time dynamic service delivery
- Web-based order entry, scheduling and management
- Real-time graphical intelligence dashboard for dispatchers
- Interactive mobile applications
- Powerful executive portal for service delivery metrics, forecasting, and planning

"The power of Indus Service Suite is its capability for real-time optimization of field resources, dispatching the right people and tools where they are most needed in the most efficient manner," said Indus VP of Product Management Ian Wray. "As with most algorithm-driven applications, the better the data, the better the solution. So, MapPoint Location Server offers a tremendous opportunity to expand our clients' ability for maximizing the performance of mobile resources while supporting the cost-effective growth of their services business."

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