Claritas Introduces Latest Version of iXPRESS Market Analysis Software

iXPRESS 3.1 Includes a Wide Range of New Enhancements

SAN DIEGO, CA--Aug 15, 2006 -- Claritas Inc., the premier provider of intelligent marketing information and target marketing services, announced today the latest version of its iXPRESS analytical software application -- iXPRESS 3.1 -- an expansive upgrade to an already powerful retail site selection marketing tool. iXPRESS provides fast access to Claritas information necessary for geographic analysis, business analysis and consumer segmentation and market analysis.

Claritas Vice President John Behler said iXPRESS 3.1 includes 14 new features, led by the new SiteScore module for scoring sites and markets.

"The new SiteScore module in iXPRESS is very powerful, allowing users to combine multiple criteria and assign weights to each in compiling a composite score for scanned sites and markets. This is a very effective and efficient way to identify markets and locales that best meet a user's optimal business criteria. All market analysis data and scores can be mapped, reported and graphed for efficient interpretation," Behler explained.

Another notable enhancement, said Behler, is the improved data-importing system. "Version 3.1 also has some exciting enhancements to its data integration capabilities. Users can append their data to the installed data and easily integrate both corporate data and Claritas market information in very interesting ways for their market analysis," he said.

"These extended databases can now be updated and maintained more easily promoting analytic continuity for corporate users. And, with versions of iXPRESS that work with MapInfo, ArcView® and Microsoft MapPoint®, buyers can better leverage their existing GIS platform investments and skill base," Behler added.

Other key features allow users to:

-- Import "Unique" Data Items -- Previously, only numerical data types
(customer spending) could be imported, but iXPRESS 3.1 can now also import
text data, i.e., descriptive information such as SIC descriptions,
territory name, dominant segment name, as well as values that cannot be
usefully summed -- such as "customer age."
-- Refresh Imported Data -- A function that assists in refreshing
imported database when source data has changed.
-- Append Multiple Extensions to Databases -- This allows for appending
additional data items to databases that already contain imported data.

For more information on iXPRESS 3.1 and its other features call 1-866-737-7429 or email

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