I have a problem with a mappoint control in my Vb aplication. I have imported(with importdata function) a database from an access file in a dataset object variable. Now, I need to join this recordsets (or pushpin) with arrows.

I have charged correctly, a recorsets with xfieldarray and xfieldarray1 in oDS1 and oDS2.
Now, I Need to join the recordset in the first position of oDS1 with recordset in the first position of oDS2, second position of oDS1 with second position of oDS2.

I have another problem with position of dataset. I need order two dataset
Dim oDS1 As Mappointctl.DataSet
Dim oDS2 As Mappointctl.DataSet

Set oDS1 = .ImportData(dirmap, xFieldArray, geoCountryPortugal, , geoImportAccessTable)

Set oDS2 = .ImportData(dirmap, xFieldArray1, geoCountryPortugal, , geoImportAccessTable)