JOpt.AAS - Vehicle Route Optimization as a Service

2009/01/02 - DNA has announced the release of JOpt.AAS. JOpt.AAS or 'JOpt as a service' is an online service hosted by DNA and exposes the unique JOpt advanced vehicle routing capabilities via standard HTTP/SOAP interfaces. JOpt.AAS provides its

optimization facilities through a stateful webservice that comes with a comfortable programming interface that is very similar to JOpt.NET.

Developers can obtain whitepapers as well as a sample client code for VS 2005 and a free evaluation account at the following URL: DNA - Route Planning, Dispatching and Business Process Evolution Components


* Reduces the number of trucks in a fleet at the same volume of jobs/deliveries
* optimizes overall route times and distances
* allows for multiple time, load and type constraints at tour stops
* includes driver working times and working time rules
* includes load capacity for each vehicle

About DNA: DNA develops and sells flexible and ready-to-use applications, .NET, Java & J2EE components as well as web services for planning and optimization jobs to help customers to find the best solutions for their business. DNA's software tools enable

customers to cope with complex problems and rapid decisioning. Software vendors or IT service providers use DNA's software modules to complement and enhance products or projects with innovative and special expertise features such as automatic resource

planning and route optimization, GIS functions and enterprise integration components.

More information:

DNA - Route Planning, Dispatching and Business Process Evolution Components