KMS Systems enhances security with GeoDoors

Telecom Companies recognize value in geographical security

The Woodlands Texas - December 10, 2004: Security has become paramount in providing good customer service in the telecom industry Monitoring of security operations has now come into the Network Operations Center (NOC) as a key to insuring network reliability and uptime. As the scope of work in the NOC has expanded, the need for intuitive interfaces has increased. KMS Systems Inc, known for its custom computer-based Access Control Systems, recognized this and has integrated operation and monitoring of physical security with Microsoft MapPoint 2004. “By integrating card access into the NOC center, operational efficiency has been greatly enhanced,” observed George Mallard, president of KMS. “When troubleshooting, the field technicians are in daily contact with the NOC center and allowing the NOC to monitor and release doors was a natural extension of their current duties. It was imperative that we make the interface as intuitive as possible. A map is very intuitive interface and MapPoint 2004 gave us the tools we needed to easily make this work well.”

Monitoring with the KMS GeoDoors product allows the user to discern abnormal conditions at a glance. The status of each door is shown a color coded icon geo-located on a dynamic map display. The color and shape of these icons change with the status of the door. Card Reads details are shown in bubbles next to the reader locations. “Our goal was a no-training required interface, MapPoint 2004 made this possible.” summarized George Mallard

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