Hi all,

after reverse geocoding lat/lon coords (thanks to Gilles K. for his article on Reverse Geocoding, the basis for my app) I create :

Private Sub ShowResults(oRes As MapPoint.FindResults)

Dim oObj As Object

'this is for testing purposes only to show me which objects are in the collection

For each oObj in oOres
Msgbox oObj.Name

I am only interested in Street Address and Country.
How do I eliminate all other objects in the resulting collection?
How do I identify the different objects?

For me, a 'good' collection has a street address. If the collection has less than 5 objects, it usualy means I don't have a streetaddress, and I restart my search, until I get a collection that does fulfill my needs.

Any suggestions? (Gilles??)


James Boelens