OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – Locarta Technologies, Inc. proudly announces the Locarta Dashboard 3.1 software program for MapPoint Fleet Edition 2004, a new MapPoint product for fleet tracking applications. With the latest in vehicle location technology, the Locarta vehicle tracking system utilizes MapPoint as the map display for showing where your vehicles are located any given moment. The new MapPoint Fleet Edition features the same high quality map data and functionality as MapPoint 2004 along with an End User Licensing Agreement where the per-vehicle requirement is removed.

Whether it is a small business that needs to keep track of a few employees to a large fleet of company trucks with routes and cost-analysis needs, Locarta locates and tracks the vehicle(s) desired with the Locarta 2020 product line. The Locarta 2020 is in-vehicle hardware designed to work specifically with Microsoft MapPoint. This small vehicle tracking unit measures only 5”x5”x1” and offers a simple interfacing software called the Locarta Dashboard to select features that you want and need to track your vehicles.

Locarta Technologies, Inc. is a vehicle location firm specializing in vehicle tracking solutions that are easy-to-use and affordable. Locarta is location and cartography for your vehicles.

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