OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – Locarta Technologies, Inc., manufacturer of the Locarta Vehicle Tracking System, announces the release of Dashboard 4.1 software. The Locarta Dashboard is the interface between the Locarta 2020, the in-vehicle unit, and the Microsoft® MapPoint™ map display. The new version of the Dashboard highlights the same high quality reporting and customization as before, but adds some ease-of-use features for the busy business manager.

One of the new features is an interface to Google Earth. This new mapping product from Google together with the Locarta Dashboard allows users to view their vehicles on aerial photography and/or satellite imagery. You can tilt and rotate the view to see 3D terrain and buildings, save and share searches and even add annotations. All the features of Google Earth are available to the user.

Four other features added to the Locarta Dashboard 4.1 software include: (1) Email messages can be sent related to criteria the user sets such as speed or area restriction triggers; (2) Route creation is much more efficient on the map display with new routing functionality; (3) There is also a new report that will show if a vehicle has had a power loss/no GPS reading; And (4) the synchronization of tracking data from the server to the client is now automatic, enhancing the client/server functionality of the Dashboard.

In June, Locarta’s new Internet Store opened for shopping access 24 hours a day. The Locarta Vehicle Tracking System is available to purchase at www.locarta.com. A demonstration package is also available online to try out the full system for sixty (60) days for only $19.99.