I am having trouble getting the StreetAddress from a waypoint.location.
I am using the MapPoint control on a windows form in VB.Net

In the debugger, I put a watch on objWayPoint and it is fine and so is objWayPoint.Location, but objWayPoint.Location.StreetAddress is nothing.

I created the waypoint with
objFindResults = objMap.FindAddressResults(sStreetAddress, sCity, , sState, , GeoCountry.geoCountryUnitedStates)
objLocation = objFindResults.Item(1)
objWayPoint = mpcMap.ActiveMap.ActiveRoute.Waypoints.Add(objLoca tion, sName)

Here is where I am trying to get the streetAddress
Dim objMap As MapPoint.Map
Dim objWayPoints As MapPoint.Waypoints
Dim objWayPoint As MapPoint.Waypoint
objMap = mpcMap.ActiveMap
objWayPoints = objMap.ActiveRoute.Waypoints()
objWayPoint = objWayPoints(1)
If objWayPoint.Location.StreetAddress Is Nothing Then
Debug.WriteLine("Waypoint.Location.StreetAddress is nothing")
Debug.WriteLine(objWayPoint.Location.StreetAddress .City)
End If