Hey all,

I'm hoping to find a developer who can help my company with the following project:

i. Member 1 defines a route where he can drive from and to by providing 2 zip codes.

ii. Member 2 had a job that is located at position x.

iii. IF position x lies along the route that Member 1 defined, or within a 'y' mile swath of that route then member 1 is informed of the job.

iv. There will be thousands of users who fall into the Member 1 category, and potentially thousands who also fall into the Member 2 category so it has to be scaled to multiple users.

v. All Member zip code info is stored in standard SQL database.

vi. Code must be compatible with our website coded in php.

This is admittedly vague, but if anyone has experience with this sort of coding on any platform then please PM me and we can discuss the project in details and compensation.