M.J. Menefee Construction Wins Constructech Vision Award with HCSS

Houston, TX November 4, 2004 - M.J. Menefee Construction garnered a 2004 Constructech Vision Award for the innovative use of technology in construction in the Specialty Contractor $6-$25 million division. In 1997 Mike Menefee started M.J. Menefee Construction in Fresno, California amid stiff competition from the other heavy/highway contractors in the area. He evaluated products that would give him a technological edge and chose HeavyBid estimating and bidding software by HCSS. Now 7 years later, M.J. Menefee is a $15 million company that has won bids on almost every major road around Fresno County. As Menefee grows his business, HCSS continues to provide him with software solutions that keep him ahead of the competition. His arsenal of technological products from HCSS now includes HeavyJob field management software, The Dispatcher for scheduling and resource optimization, and bidhistory.com to track historical DOT prices. This integrated combination of software and support from HCSS has propelled Menefee from his original "new kid on the block" status to his current reputation as the most likely bidder to win any overlay job in the area.

With HeavyBid, Menefee is able to single-handedly prepare detailed cost estimates in a matter of hours which would have taken him days by hand. By downloading average biditem prices from www.bidhistory.com into HeavyBid he can quickly greensheet a CalTrans job. "Bidhistory.com provides a fast, direct method to get reliable starting numbers I can tweak." Menefee further refines his numbers for his cost estimate using The Dispatcher's mapping capabilities backed by Microsoft MapPoint™. "Knowing the exact distance and route from any haul origin to any jobsite gives me accurate costs to enter into my bid." As the letting deadline approaches, Menefee takes advantage of the subcontractor quote system in HeavyBid to quickly analyze the flood of sub and supplier quotes. Time-saving features like these allow Menefee to concentrate more on winning the bid and less time worrying whether his costs are accurate. All this translates into more jobs bid, more jobs won, and less money left on the table.

When the contract is awarded, estimate information from HeavyBid is fed directly into HeavyJob for project management. Menefee's foremen use the HeavyJob Field software on laptops to record daily timecard and jobsite information. At the end of the day they sync back to the HeavyJob Manager system in the office giving Menefee a daily rundown on the progress and profitability of his jobs. This ability to record and track jobsite data has paid off in helping Menefee win litigation claims for authorized work that was unpaid. The Dispatcher also plays a major role in optimizing Menefee's jobsite schedules. "The map totally eliminates the need for white boards in the office. At a glance I can tell who's available, what's available, and when on any job weeks in advance." Additionally, HeavyJob's integration with the accounting system ensures that payroll is done accurately and on time. "With HeavyJob it takes me less time to do payroll than send out safety notices!"

M.J. Menefee Construction's use of IT allows a three-person office to run a multi-million dollar company. "The best thing about these products is that they let me spend more time outside on the jobsite, in the fresh air, doing what I love to do, and less time cooped up in an office worrying about how to manage my business." With software like HeavyBid, HeavyJob, and The Dispatcher and innovative tools like bidhistory.com and GPS integrated into his operations, Menefee continues to be the man to beat on bid day despite the fact that his competitors are larger, have been in business longer, and own their own asphalt plants. "When I first started bidding as a GC, I was told I couldn't just jump in and compete. The operational tools I've used to create my business processes have helped me command the respect of job owners as well as veteran contractors. That alone makes innovation priceless."

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